Environment Canada has confirmed a pair of tornadoes did in fact touch down in southwestern Saskatchewan Monday afternoon.

A landspout tornado touched down near the village of Cantuar around 3:20 p.m. and so far no damage has been reported.

The second tornado - which is being considered 'brief' - hit near Chaplin around 4:10 p.m. and Environment Canada has received no reports of any damage.

John Paul Cragg, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said they haven't closed the books on tornadoes from the storm just yet.

"There could have been more," he said. "We're still looking at the reports. Often if a tornado is in an area that's not densely populated, it often takes a little while to get reports sifting in about a tornado on the ground. There was a lot of rotation in those thunderstorms that developed yesterday, so there is the potential for more than just the two, potentially three tornadoes."

Cragg added that warm, moist air flowing from the United States provided the energy for the storms to form.

"A strong jet and a little bit of a disturbance was enough to get things going. It was a really good setup yesterday for supercell development and that's what we saw. Discrete supercells forming all on their own, eating up all that energy all on their own, and the spinning nature of supercells embedded in them and because of that a risk of tornadoes."

Both tornadoes as of now have been given a preliminary rating of EF-0 - the smallest rating possible.

"One of the issues with rating a tornado is that we don't know what the windspeed of the tornado was unless it hits something," Cragg said. "We rate all tornadoes as EF-0s if there is no damage to indicate the actual windspeeds."

It wasn't just tornadoes in the area either as 45 mm (Golf-ball sized) hail hit south of Morse.

The southwest isn't out of the woods yet as this afternoon and evening the area is expected to get hit with more severe thunderstorms.

"This afternoon in the southwest corner we're expecting thunderstorms to develop and for them to be discreet at the beginning, so little individual thunderstorms that could pack quite a bit punch," Cragg said. "Today is even a better setup than yesterday for severe weather. We're expecting severe weather to occur and we do have watches up and there is the risk of tornadoes developing in those thunderstorms."