It seems as though the highest form of currency in the notorious city is tourism dollars. 

Tourism is something that many businesses pride themselves on in our city and that's exactly why one establishment decided to rally everyone together. 

Monday night the Tunnels of Moose Jaw staff and supporters brought together workers from all over the city who are a part of the tourism industry to network, explore downtown, and enjoy each other's company during a kick off to summer event. 

"It's something that has happened in other cities and we just decided that we would start it this year and hopefully we can do it every year because it's been a resounding success. Danny had come from Vancouver and he went to one last year and thought it would be a great thing to have so that we can get the season started," Tunnels HR and Casting Director/Store Manager Kelly Carty explained. "What it is, is we have front line staff, customer service people from restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, hotels gather them all here. They can meet each other, know what each other does, what's offered in our city, they can go on the tours. It's just a fun night for front end staff."

Danny is the brains behind the operation, he helped to create the tunnels as well as came up with the season kick-off event saying he was pleased to be recognized as the person with a great idea and enjoys being creative. 

Attendees were invited to a community space downtown and entertained with music, food and were even asked if they wanted to go on a tunnel tour of their choice or both. 

The unique idea brought together a lot of great minds in the community who now have established new relationships with other business leaders and staff or even nurtured strong existing relationships giving people a chance to catch up at the start of their busiest season.

"I hope that everyone goes back to their home, where they work, and they're excited to get going, get the tourists and welcome people here. Old Mac has really gotten the tourism business busy, we've had a lot of really good spring so far already this year," said Carty.

The event finished off with attendees heading to the Cornerstone Bar and Grill to relax and network while listening to good music and enjoying the NBA finals.