The last few days have been exciting ones, especially for residents who have been able to stand outside and watch the sky. 

After warnings were issued on Monday for tornadoes and thunderstorms, the same thing came into play on Tuesday as Environment Canada started out with a warning for a storm and shortly after it switched to a tornado watch. 

Both advisories have now been lifted and Moose Jaw remains under a heat warning that has been in effect since the end of last week. 

Throughout the last couple of days multiple communities have reported seeing land-spout tornadoes or sharing images on social media of medium to large sized hail that has fallen in various parts of the prairies. 

Moose Jaw once again seemed to miss the bulk of the storm and saw rain, along with thunder and lightning. 

Various residents were even left in the dark for a few hours, as SaskPower were called into action and restore service Tuesday evening.

There's a possibility for Wednesday to follow suit, as forecasters are predicting another storm to move over the friendly city. But for the second half of the work week, and the weekend things should transition into more favourable conditions. 

If you do see some adverse weather such as tornadoes or sever thunderstorms, officials continue to remind us to stay safe by finding shelter, and finding a secure place to stay until the system passes. 

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