There are 17 active cases of COVID-19 in the south central zone. (Graphic courtesy: Government of Saskatchewan)

Three deaths from people who tested positive with COVID-19 were reported on Wednesday by the provincial government and 147 new cases.

All three deaths were in the Saskatoon zone with one in the 30 to 39, one in the 60 to 69 and one in the 80-plus age groups.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (4), Far North East (25), North West (9), North Central (10), North East (5), Saskatoon (13), Central East (7), Regina (44), South West (2), South Central (3) and South East (17) zones. Eight (8) new cases have pending residence information.

All three of the new cases in the south central zone is in Moose Jaw and surrounding area.

Nine cases with pending residence information, previously reported, have been found to be out-of-province residents and were removed from the counts.

Seventeen previously reported cases have been assigned to the North Central (16) and Regina (1) zones.

There are 151 people in hospital with 119 receiving inpatient care and 32 in intensive care. There were 378 recoveries.

There are 2,949 active cases in the province with 17 active cases currently in the south central zone. Thirteen of those active cases are in the Moose Jaw area.