The countdown to Homestand '23 has entered the final days as crews are hard at work transforming Ross Wells Ball Park into a concert venue.

The day, which is a fundraiser for mental health and wellness initiatives in the Prairie South School Division, Holy Trinity Catholic School Division, and the beautification of Ross Wells Ball Park, begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, with the showing of the Banjo Bowl on massive screens ahead of a night of live music.

The headliner for Homestand '23 is country artist Corb Lund, who will be joined by roots soul songwriter Lindi Ortega, folk rocker Mike Plume and country artist Jordyn Pollard, who is scheduled to begin her performance around 5:30 p.m.

thumbnail_IMG_1931.jpgCrews working to put up the tent at Ross Wells Ball Park on Wednesday, September 6. Supplied.

Tickets are still available for Homestand 23. The cost is $65 for the entire day and free for children 12 and under with an adult ticket. Tickets can be purchased at or

Since the first Homestand concert in 2021, organizers say that local schools have been taking advantage of the funds raised. 

River Street Promotions’ James Murdock said schools have implemented initiatives such as wellness days, peace gardens and study areas where cell phones and social media are not allowed.  

“After last year, there were 19 schools that made applications to the River Street Trust Fund and that received funds, which was a large amount. There was a lot of rural representation and that was important for us to see that the kids in the rural communities have access to these dollars as well,” Murdock said. 

thumbnail_IMG_1943.jpgArtist Carly Jaye touches up the mural near the visitor's dugout. Supplied.

Additionally, River Street Promotions - the organizers of Homestand '23 - have been able to donate $15,000 to the ballpark over the past two years.

“It will go towards the upkeep of the ballpark because it’s a grand and majestic facility. Sometimes you hear comments that it’s the best ballpark in western Canada to watch a game in. As important as mental health awareness is for children in our school systems, it’s equally important to give them the opportunity to allow them to step away from their studies and take part in the athletic side of things,” added Murdoch.

River Street Promotions is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that promotes wellness in the community using entertainment to spread awareness and educate.

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