Tourism Moose Jaw has released the dates for this year's final Ghost and True Crime Tours.

These tours were created due to the growing popularity of ghost and true crime documentaries and podcasts.

Once created, the popularity of the tours in Moose Jaw was instant.

"Our Ghost Tours this year have been sold out weeks and weeks in advance... They (tour bookings) were almost all sold out. I think we had 2 tours or maybe 3 tours throughout the season that weren't completely sold out. It was an incredible response to both the True Crime and the Ghosts Tours," says Jacki L'Heureux-Meson, Executive Director at Tourism Moose Jaw.

The Ghost Tour features places and stories that have been found and told in the city.

The Western Development Museum is one of many places visited in the Ghost Tour.

It has had multiple sightings and ghost stories and was once visited by ghost hunters.

As well as the popular destination of the Hopkins Dining Parlour.

The True Crime Tour features true crime stories researched by Bruce Fairman.

The tour focuses on cases he studied and talked about in his book Moose Jaw Murders and Other Deaths.

"The scariest story on the True Crime Tour was one that actually didn't even end in murder but it was a really harrowing tail that a family went through about 25 years ago," says L'Heureux-Meson.

Since both tours were such a success, Tourism Moose Jaw is already considering ways to incorporate more tours for next year and possibly a brand new trolly.

The final dates for the Ghost Tours are October 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th.

For the True Cime Tours, the final dates are October 21st and 28th.

People can book a tour at or by calling 306-693-8097.