If you've won a million dollar home in Saskatoon or Pilot Butte, courtesy of the STARS Lottery... you're only two weeks away from finding out.

On August 1st the final draw will be made and the early bird winners have already been posted to their website. The only negative thing associated with this annual fundraiser for our provincial air ambulance, is the people who try to take advatage of the situation and scam people.

"There are bad people out there, doing bad things, and I'm referring to telephone scams, and they just continue to increase. There are people who call you and contact you and say that you've won a prize at the STARS Lottery, and really it's not true, you have not." said Legacy Giving Officer, Fred Matiko, who warned attendees at their open house, and said that now that winners are being posted people are sure to get calls from an imposter.

Now that the early bird draw winners were recently selected, we're just two weeks away from hearing the rest of the people getting a prize from the 2019 STAR Lottery. Matiko encouraged caution, and gave a strong reminder for those who entered. 

"As soon as they start asking you for some credit card information, be aware, it's not us calling, because STARS will not be asking for additional funding if you won a prize. You already bought your ticket, so you will get your prize clear without having to pay anything else. And as soon as they start asking for that credit card information, let them know you're going to report it to the police, and hang up.' Said Matiko, who explained theire organization's proper process.

"Please remind your friends, family, that STARS will never ask anybody for money to claim their lottery prize. As soon as somebody is asking for that, that's not us calling. Because we'll give you your prize without having to pay for it. So official prize winners will be posted to our website after the final draws."