Many people from Moose Jaw will be taking in The Queen City Ex this year in Regina.

Sabeen Ahmad, the brand storyteller for the Regina Exhibition, talks about one of the new things this year - the rodeo.

"First and foremost the rodeo is gonna be brand new to the Queen City Ex this year. Three days, Thursday to Sunday, with the finals happening on Sunday. We have a number of championship contestants already registered to take part. We're gonna see some world champions [and] some Canadian champions taking part in a number of events over those three days."

In addition, the Ex will play host to an event that Ahmad assures will be of interest for local video gamers.

"One of the other exciting events this year is our e-gaming event, again happening throughout the week. We just recently heard about a sixteen-year-old who won a Fortnite championship, the world champion, well we're gonna have a Fortnite championship here. Not as big of a pot, if you will, but a $10,000 championship event is happening."

Ahmad also talks about some of the unique food that will be featured as well.

"I think something that I'm really excited about this year is that we have some more vegetarian options, which I think sometimes there are a few [people] that get stuck missing out what other options are out there. Not to shy away from some of the other meat items. There's a crab-stuffed burger that will be new this year. A "Snickle-Dog," which is a hot dog and a pickle and a Snickers bar stuffed in a deep-fried tortilla."

With this much excitement to look forward to, The Queen City Ex is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The event runs from Wednesday until Sunday.