SGI has just begun to mail out approximately 603,000 rebate cheques to customers across Saskatchewan. 

“World events continue to put pressure on the cost of living, and SGI is proud to provide nearly $90M in relief to customers,” Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan said. “Well-performing investments have brought the Auto Fund’s Rate Stabilization Reserve to a surplus, and now is a good time to put some of that money into the pockets of Saskatchewan people.”

SGI states that customers will receive a $100 rebate for each vehicle or motorcycle that has been actively registered as of March 9, 2022. 

The crown corporation states nearly all classes of vehicles (private, commercial, farm, etc.) are eligible for the rebate, while trailers and snowmobiles are not. 

SGI customers do not have to request or apply for the rebate. They should receive a cheque as long as their address is up to date with SGI, and customers are advised to ignore any texts they may receive from scammers saying they need to click a link to apply.

SGI will send out cheques in 10 batches between May 19 and May 30. SGI states cheques will be mailed in an order randomly selected by SGI’s system, so two customers in the same household may receive their cheques up to two weeks apart. 

Customers are asked to be patient while waiting for the cheques to be delivered, states SGI. If cheques are not received by June 21, 2022, or you believe your cheque is inaccurate, you can call SGI at 1-844-855-2744.