Rain continues to delay seeding progress for many producers, warm dry weather is needed for seeding to be completed.

Despite the late start and the delay in crop emergence, Saskatchewan Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report shows 78 % of the crop is now seeded.

Cropping Management Specialist Shannon Friesen says producer progress varies from region to region.

"The southwest region continues to lead the province with 86% of the crop seeded," she says, "west central region has 85%, northeast 80%, northwest 76%, southeast 71%, and the east central region 67%."

The report points out so far that provincially, farmers have 88% of durum and field peas in the ground, 84 % of spring wheat, 79% of lentils, 76% of canola, 66% of barley, 56% of flax, and 46% of the mustard is now seeded.

Friesen adds the majority of emerged crops are in good condition, although there is some damage from localized flooding, hail, wind and insects like flea beetles.

"We are starting to see problems such as flea beetles come out," she says, "mostly because most of that canola has sat in cold, wet soil, it's a bit behind, we had higher fall populations, so there's been a lot of reports from producers right across the province who are actually spraying for that."