Inflation has risen the cost of basically everything that people need on a day-to-day basis. People have especially been feeling it in the grocery bills.  

The food inflation rose by 8.7% year over year in March which hasn’t happened since 2008.  

People are finding different solutions to cut down the cost of produce; one of them being gardening.  

More and more people have begun to garden and grow their own vegetables and fruit to help save dollars at the store.  

Since gardening has become more popular, people are taking the extra time to learn how to do it properly and the Newcomers Welcome Centre right here in Moose Jaw is looking to promote indoor gardening and encourage people to use their public gardening plots.  

“We’re going to have a ‘We Love Gardening’ activity at the Welcome Centre... We’re encouraging our clients and some folks from the community to come and prepare bedding plants or some seeds to get ready for our garden,” says Joey Donnelly, Information Advisor at the Newcomers Welcome Centre.  

The event will be a hands-on information session run by Donnelly.  

It’ll be happening Monday, May 9th at 7 pm.  

Participants will learn how to ferment and germinate seeds and they will help get seeds and beds ready for the gardening plots at 200 Home St. maintained by the Newcomers Welcome Centre.  

“We also want to encourage our clients to go indoors. That could include container plant gardening in their apartments or balconies... really neat methods that we can do at a very low cost,” says Donnelly. 

The event is free to attend but Donnelly is asking people to call the Newcomers Welcome Centre ahead of time to register for the event. Their phone number is 306-692-6892.