SaskPower was in neighbouring Swift Current to discuss its electrifying plans for the future. 

The Crown Corporation held a gathering at the Days Inn in the city, where several employees and speakers from SaskPower elaborated on the plans being made for the future. 

Scott McGregor, media spokesperson for SaskPower, thinks that this information is worth the public's notice, as it will affect them someday. 

"We ran over a number of scenarios of what the future could look like," said McGregor. "What the impacts to a number of things could look like in those scenarios. Things like rates, land use, infrastructure costs, all while taking questions and sharing information."

Some of the key points addressed were future investments and expansions into wind and solar energy while confirming that in the coming decades, Small Modular Reactors (SMR) will become a larger part of the picture. 

These generational projects do not mean SaskPower will be abandoning older sources. In terms of natural gas, McGregor confirmed they are planning to stretch the future of that sector. 

"We're talking about the future of how natural gas could fit into our system," said McGregor. "We have emissions targets that we're working towards. We also have regulations that we need to adhere to, and so we're looking at ways that we can maximize the lifespan of that supply option."

Everything that was discussed focused on five, ten, or twenty years into the future. This was simply a chance for people to learn about the plans for a province as a whole. 

"We just got to figure out the right mix in terms of all the other options and balancing them out," said McGregor. 

For more information on SaskPower events, like when and where they will be open to the public, folks can learn more on the SaskPower website. 

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