As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology, it's up to companies like Vendasta to make the transition as smooth as possible.

They are a Saskatoon based company who's online software gives companies that don't have their own sophisticated digital platforms access to services such as marketing, human resources and accounting.

CEO for Vendasta Brendan King said that software doesn't come in a box that you can buy in store anymore, but that it comes online as a service.

"So when businesses need help, they turn to people they trust. So if they need accounting help, they go to an accountant. if they need advertising help they go to an agency. And when they turn to those companies, those companies also have some problems. They need to be able to supply the small business with the software in a way that they can easily get it. so we built a platform that lets those trusted experts deliver all the software that a small business needs. So a small business can log in with 1 user name and password, and even from their phone, do their banking, their HR, accounting, their advertising, everything in one place."

Vendasta is what's known as a 'White Label' company, meaning they build and design software for a company, but allow them to label it as their own. King said it gives the small business owner the ability to trust the company they know, rather than use one they've never heard of.

With thousands of companies already using their service, mostly in the United States, they are expanding in Saskatchewan, bringing hundreds of tech sector jobs with them.

"We're trying to build a tech ecosystem in Saskatchewan. We're bringing people back. We've got a lot of people who had moved to Calgary and Toronto and Vancouver who have come back. And then where we can't get all the folks we need we're bringing in from other places. Especially with the top end talent. You need to bring that top end talent to train the folks that are here and make the folks here know what can be done."

Vendasta has a proven track record down south, and now hope to bring their software up to Canada in a more impactful way.

"We work with 8 of the top 10 newspaper chains in the U.S. But we also work with the Credit Unions and banks. Because we are a white label, lots of times they don't really like us to say who it is, because they sell that software on their own. So some of the people I can tell you about are people like McClatchy in the U.S., which I think it like the 4th largest newspaper. We've got right here in Canada that uses our software."

King said a $40-million cash injection from private investor groups will allow the company to more than double in size in three years, to 650 employees from 285. It's the most growth funding ever invested in a Saskatchewan tech company.

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