The Saskatchewan RCMP have released statistics regarding COVID-related calls for service over the last month.

In November, RCMP received 342 COVID-related complaints: 128 for individuals not self-isolating, 92 large gathering complaints, 20 masking complaints. 14 traveler check complaints, and 88 'other' COVID-related complaints.

The majority of calls were resolved by educating the individual about the public health orders in place, and the potential health consequences that can result from non-compliant with the Public Health Order.

The release states: "As police officers, we are responsible for ensuring our actions do not put others at risk while doing our part to slow the spread of the virus. We need you to do the same and this starts by following and familiarizing yourself with the PHOs."

A total of 7 individuals were charged as well; four for not self-isolating, and three for hosting large gatherings. The charges however are not considered a criminal offense, so no names will be released.