Safe Homes For Single Mothers is an organization founded 6 years ago by local resident Mark Paterson.

Since then he's had a team of over 25 people to help with different projects in homes of single parents to make their living situations more comfortable and safer.

"I've always just had that streak in me to give back to the community. Obviously being a business owner here in town running a home inspection business, it just made sense," says Paterson. "I was actually doing a home inspection about 7 years ago and it was for a single mother and you know, the house wasn't in such great condition. I noticed that her child's shoes, the heels were worn off them. I just kinda felt bad that I was charging her this fee that I was charging her for a home inspection and I actually decided to give them the home inspection for free. That's actually what gave me the idea to start this organization."

Over the last 6 years, Safe Homes For Single Mothers has worked on 13 projects within the city. The organization works it contractors, electricians, interior designers, and many others. They'll do renovations or install house amenities for single parents for free. As a grand total, they've put $50,000 into the community.

Every year for the holidays, the organization puts on a contest. Last year it gave away a couple of water heaters, "The project that we're doing this Christmas season is a furnace give away to somebody that's in need of a furnace, and then we're also doing 20 gift cards from South Hill Fine Foods and it's for all single parents, single fathers, single mothers, and families as well," says Paterson.

Someone has already been chosen to receive the free furnace but the grocery cards are still on the table.

Anyone in need and interested in the grocery cards can call Paterson at 306-631-6700.

People can also find out more information on what Safe Homes For Mothers does on their Facebook page.