Since the beginning of 2022, the price of gas has shot up roughly 70 cents per litre in Moose Jaw and the province, and with the continuous rise of the inflation rate, the RCMP has seen an increase in fuel thefts.  

In the rural areas of Moose Jaw and south to Assiniboia, the RCMP says they haven’t seen a significant increase, but still reminds rural residents to report a fuel theft – no matter the amount.  

“Even if you see a vehicle in your yard sometimes it’s the missing piece, we need to link somebody to a stolen vehicle or perhaps catch someone in a stolen vehicle or in a break and enter,” says Monica Deters, RCMP Acting Officer of Crime Prevention and Crime Reduction. “No matter how routine or ordinary it seems to you, it’s important to us.”   

“They can call their detachment, and we also have online crime reporting in Saskatchewan for things like fuel thefts, things that aren’t in progress or there’s no fear for immediate safety.”  

Since 2022, only two fuel thefts have been reported in the Moose Jaw and Assiniboia Detachments, with seven more combined being reported in the Morse, Milestone, and Gravelbourg areas.  

Provincially, there has been a 65 per cent increase in fuel thefts, as there have been 305 reported from Jan. 1 to June 17. Deters touched on some ways to prevent your farm or gas station from being the next victim of fuel theft.  

“Gas stations we encourage pay before you pump policies, but we recognize in small-town Saskatchewan they don’t always have the technology on their pumps to do that,” she says.

“The more farm fuel thefts, we encourage them to lock their fuel tank where possible or lock the handle. Install surveillance video if at all possible. Keep your farm area well lit, and ensure you’re keeping track of your property so it’s not getting to a point where you notice a large number of things missing.” 

An RCMP weekly report stated that the type of fuel thefts they are seeing are from gas stations (fueling without paying), farm fuel tanks, jerry cans, and drilling/siphoning of vehicle tanks. Analysis to date has determined gas stations accounted for the bulk of the theft reports at 73% of the total or 222 incidents.