Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

Mark these days on your calendar. August 23rd, August 29th, September 13th, and September 20th because those are the tentative dates for public consultation regarding the Moose Jaw multiplex.

City Council has approved a motion to hold four meetings with the public in the coming weeks to help educate voters and so City Hall can learn from us on what we want to be included in the project.

Barb Fysh with the Parks and Recreation Department is helping to organize the functions. "The purpose of the public meetings is to get some feedback from the general public and the users groups on their thoughts on the MultiPlex and to give some history and some background on the MultiPlex itself."

Final plans are still being worked out for the meetings but a 7 o'clock start for each meeting is expected. For now Sunningdale School, Westmount School, City Hall, and Prince Arthur School have been selected for the meetings.