The provincial government announced Saturday that there are 30 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, bringing the provincial total to 134. Six people have been hospitalized, including three who are in ICU.

At least 5 of these cases are the result of local transmission, with the rest being attributed to travel, or 'cluster-related' - due to mass gatherings.

  • 5 cases belong to individuals 19 and younger
  • 58 cases are in the 20-44 age range
  • 49 are people aged 45-64
  • and 22 cases are in the 65 plus range

The province is attributing the high jump to a Christopher Lake snowmobile rally dinner that was held in mid-March, where one attendee tested positive. 18 other positive cases have been linked to that event.

So far, 4 people in the province have recovered from the virus, though there may be more not yet reported to public health.

Over 25,000 telephone assessments were conducted by Saskatchewan physicians in the first 10 days that it was made available to the public. There have also been over 8,000 COVID-19 tests conducted at the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory so far. 

The Ministry of Health is also deploying additional staff to the Saskatchewan Health Authority to help with contact tracing, which aims to ensure cases are detected and followed up on in a timely manner.