Prairie South School Division (PSSD) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with New Southern Plains Métis Local 160.

MOU's signed have also been signed with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division.

"It's an opportunity to be able to go in and work with the school boards on good outcomes for Métis students and for all students," said Darrell Hawman, president of New Southern Plains Métis Local 160. "We can go into classrooms and do some education. Work on some products and education such as apprenticeships. Going into work placement and coming back to Sask Polytech for funding or people that are going on to university. There's connections to funding through the aboriginal organizations."

Prairie South's Superintendent of Learning Amanda Olson says the division is excited to enter into a partnership with the Métis Local.

"It provides opportunities for all of our students to learn about Métis history and language and culture," she commented. "We've been partnering with elders and knowledge keepers for years to bring some of that into our schools. We're just very excited to continue moving forward on a path to reconciliation."

The MOU was signed Tuesday at PSSD's December 6 Regular Board Meeting.

PSSD METIS MOUDarrell Hawman signing the MOU