The Prairie Hockey Academy wrapped up its 2021-2022 season with its awards banquet on Friday night at the Hildebrand Chapel in Caronport.  

The evening kicked off with a welcome speech, followed by a prayer, and the parents, players, and staff enjoyed a delicious meal.  

Moving on, each coach from the U15, U16, U17, and U18 prep teams gave a speech on the season that was followed by a highlight video.  

Bernie Doan (NHLer Shane Doan’s father) was in attendance as the event's guest speaker. He gave a speech about character, and how to overcome the struggles life will throw at you.  

The evening continued with nine awards being presented to players from all four divisions: 

Ryan Smyth Top Forward Award  

  • U15 Prep - Winner Kanyan Unger (presented by: Ryland Molde) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Bryce Boughen (presented by: Bryson Aikens) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Carson Haugan  (presented by: Carter Skarbon) 

  • U18 Prep - Co-Winners Kieran Christianson / Drew Molde (presented by: Ethan Kelly) 

Adam Lawson Top Defenseman Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Mikale Budz (presented by: Kierin Osberg) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Ryder Ellis (presented by: Brady) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Ty Pratte (presented by: Carson Haugan) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Jamieson Franz (presented by: Beau Helmeczi) 

Randy Brownlee Top Goalie Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Cameron Beisal (presented by: Kanyan Unger) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Tyson Borschneck (presented by: Ryder Ellis) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Silas Currie (presented by: Erik) (Was not in attendance) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Michael Malinowski (presented by: Beau Helmeczi) 

Chad Gustafson Top Student-Athlete  

  • U15 Prep - Winner Mikale Budz  (presented by: Deb Ike) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Easton Mehlen (presented by: Deb Ike) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Silas Currie (not in attendance) (presented by: Deb Ike) (Was not in attendance) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Beau Helmeczi (presented by: Deb Ike) 

JJ Hunter Most Improved Player Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Blaise Jorgensen (presented by: Asher Watson) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Brady Magarrell (presented by: Easton Mehlen) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Yung-Hsuan Wang (presented by: Erik) (Was not in attendance) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Taggart Bryson (presented by: Ethan Dekay) 

Stephen Clements Hardest Worker Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Asher Watson (presented by: Jackson Folliott) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Cole King (presented by: Chance Cole) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Cohan Kuncio (presented by: Austin Siebel) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Brennan Watterson (presented by: Ethan Kelly) 

John Barkman Leadership Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Kierin Osberg (presented by: Mikale Budz) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Chance Cole (presented by: Ryder Rommelaere) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Carter Skarbon (presented by: Devun Olfert) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Ethan Kelly (presented by: Dustin) 

Kevin Smyth Most Valuable Player Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Noah Thul (presented by: Sam) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Bryson Aikens (presented by: Chad) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Devun Olfert (presented by: Ty Pratte) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Ethan DeKay  (presented by: Dustin) 

Royden Taylor Blue and Gold Award 

  • U15 Prep - Winner Ryland Molde (presented by: Noah Thul) 

  • U16 Prep - Winner Ryder Rommelaere (presented by: Kayne Van Metre) 

  • U17 Prep - Winner Austin Seibel (presented by: Nick) 

  • U18 Prep - Winner Ian George (presented by: Dustin) 

To conclude the night the U18 coach Dustin Friesen presented the graduating player introductions followed by speeches by those graduates: 

  • Seungpyo Cho 

  • Memfis Burgeson 

  • Kieran Christianson 

  • Tag Bryson 

  • Cole Thomas 

  • Joel Burrows 

  • Jamieson Franz 

Grad Introduction and Grad speeches  

  • Beau Helmeczi 

  • Ethan DeKay 

  • Rylan Walters 

  • Brennan Watterson 

  • Chase Tenetuik 

  • Ethan Kelly 

The night concluded with PHA Director, Justin Simpkins presenting closing statements and then handing out player jerseys.  

Below is a photo gallery of the award recipients in order as mentioned above: