Peacock Collegiate’s track and field team came away with numerous medals as they took the city championship this week. 

The meet included the 300m event on Tuesday and the remainder of the meet ran on Wednesday as a number of Peacock competitors beat personal bests. 

Picking up medals in their age categories were Nikolina Kapovic, Kingston Usher, Kaeleb Tabin, Chris Swanson, Kylie Howe and Arianna Wakeford. 

For Riverview Collegiate, Jake Gyman led the charge, taking 2nd place in Senior Boys total points after an impressive performance, placing 1st in 100m Hurdles, 2nd in the 200 M Dash, 2nd in Long Jump, and 3rd in 100m dash. Jake’s aggregate medal is the Royals’ first since 2003 when Dionne Anderson, Scott Mitchell and Laura Grey all medaled in their category. 

RVCI’s Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Team finished third, overtaking Vanier in the final 200 meters. Kayla Kruse (Jr), Zoe Graves (Sr), Sarah Roszell (I), and Jack Hadley (Jr), combined to put up a team best time at the meet. 

In individual events, over half of the RVCI athletes advanced to the South Central District meet next Wednesday. On the track Jett Baksa placed second in the Senior boys 100m hurdles with a clean run. Kayla Kruse sped to a 2nd place finish in the 200 meter dash in Jr Girls.

In throwing events, Zsombor Deak finished second in Senior Boys Shotput and Jesse Ferguson threw his way to a third place finish in Javelin.  Kegen Riench finished second in Junior Boys Quadathon and Jack Hadley placed 1st in Jr Girls Quadathon. 

RVCI Jump’s Coach Kalen Senecal remarked on the day saying, “Moose Jaw is a competitive city for all sports, and it's great to see our students have success on a city level. Riverview has strength in numbers and I believe that our “No Cut’s” athletic policy is proving itself on a day like today.”  When asked what he hoped the community would notice about Riverview’s performance, he stated, “Right now, we are celebrating our students’ achievements. But in the future I hope grade sevens and eights  around the city take notice and come join us on South Hill.”