A post on a local social media page about foxtail weeds in our dog park caused quite a bit of concern.

Foxtail weeds would cause some major concern for dogs and cats if they were to get lodged in their skin as they can cause infection and, if left untreated, can be deadly to pets.

City of Moose Jaw Parks Gardener Sarah Regent explained that there could be some misconception about what is actually in the dog park.

"I'm not confident that there is or not but foxtail barley is a very common weed species on the Prairies. It's kind of everywhere, so it's very likely that is what they are referring to."

Regent also talked about how the City knows there are weeds in the dog park, but none of them should be harmful.

"There is nothing that is going to be harmful to your dogs or yourself. There might a few weeds that are of concern just for the grass' sake, but we are aware there are weeds there and we are working to control them in a way that is not going to pose any risk to users of the dog park."

Regent also described some of the maintenance and future plans that they have on improving the dog park.

"We do regularly mow it and we do our best to keep it clear of any litter and things like that. We also mow around the edges of the dog park, [and] we are working to establish some trees along the edges to act as a windbreak."

Regular checks and maintenance of the dog park make it still a safe place to enjoy with a furry friend.