Now that the federal grain transportation bill has received Royal Assent, the regulations supporting the rail legislation have to be developed.

The effectiveness of Bill C-30 will be determined through this regulatory process, says Morris area farmer Art Enns, who serves as the president of the Prairie Oat Growers Association and chair of Grain Growers of Canada's transportation committee.

"All the details - the exact fines, how the contracts are going to be set up, the definition of adequate service - those are some of things that will really need to be worked on and written down so all people involved can work with so that it doesn't become a nightmare in the courts," says Enns.

He says he expects the rules will also address volume requirements for different shipping routes.

"Part of the regulations will be setting up the volumes in the different corridors to meet demand," explains Enns.

Federal ag ministry staff will be working overtime to complete the regulations, as Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the government intends to have the rules in place for the start of the new crop year on August 1st.

"Usually reg's can take up to a year to do," notes Enns. "The minister is asking his administration to move forward on this really quickly."

He says he's not overly concerned that the urgency will result in poorly-drafted regulations.

"I honestly think all parties are really trying to work together to get the details right. Everybody is trying hard and I think they've noticed the urgency of it," says Enns. "I really sense everybody wants to get it correct and as quick as possible."