For over 40 years, Leith Knight’s columns about the history of Moose Jaw were a staple in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald. 

Larry and Scott Hellings compiled over 100 of Knight’s columns and released them in a book called “A Knight to Remember.” 

Scott said Knight’s columns were extremely popular and he and his father wanted to find a way to preserve her work. 

“Sometimes people would cut them out and send them to relatives all across Canada. So, we just thought it would be a great way to share her stories in a way that didn't involve people going to the library archives necessarily,” Scott said. 

Knight was the city’s first archivist at the Moose Jaw Public Library. Having been born and raised in Moose Jaw, she personally knew many of the city’s “old-timers” and took an interest in learning about the city’s history and tales from the past. 

In 1968, she started a local history collection and began writing a weekly history column for the Times-Herald starting in 1969. 

Her columns ran in the Times-Herald until her death in 2013. The Moose Jaw Times-Herald ceased operations in 2017. 

Scott said they began the process of putting together the book in 2018 and it took five years to compile. 

“It involved going into the archives and searching through files and finding columns, but then of course, because they were just newsprint cutouts, we had to retype them ourselves. So, one of Leith’s old friends Hilda Davies, who is also a friend of ours, actually helped us with that typing,” he said. 

A Knight to Remember is available to be purchased at Post Horizon Booksellers here in Moose Jaw.