The Kinsmen Sportsplex Arena has honored local speed skater Graeme Fish this past weekend.

A banner in his name was revealed over the ice in the arena next to the Canadian flag.

The banner is to acknowledge Fish's accomplishment of beating a world record for 10,000-metre race at the World Single Distances Championships in Utah last year.

A ceremony was held for the banner reveal featuring speakers Trish Seman and Fish's old coach Verna Kergan.

Seman announced that the annual Kinsmen Speed Skating Meet is now renamed The Fish Bowl.

"It goes without saying that the whole Fish family has been a part of our speed skating family for years. Today we celebrate their passion for the sport and recognize their journey," said Seman.

A crowd of people came out to support Graeme and the event.

Graeme attended the event virtually to thank the Sportsplex, his family, and Kergan.

"Graeme is the only Saskatchewan speed skater to ever break a world record," says Kergan.

She invited people to come and support him at his race at the World Cup in December.

More Information will be released on that event closer to the event.