Local 9-year-old Easton Mengel and his family have started a campaign to raise awareness for CRPS, called Socks for Smiles. Easton developed the condition after experiencing a torn ACL from a football injury. Easton's mother, Britten Hepting, explained their campaign's purpose.

"Our main goal is to get awareness for CRPS, and that's Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. So by making the world aware, they can then start, hopefully, having some research on CRPS, and honestly it makes him smile, and that is our number one goal, is to make him happy again."

The campaign will be collecting colourful and unique socks to raise awareness for Easton, and to raise awareness for the condition. Oakley Mengel, Easton's sister, explained how it works.

"I basically just promoted around Instagram, and then people come to my account and they read all of the requirements, and then they message me asking what kind of socks they need to send, and then they usually send the socks shortly after that, and then they spread awareness to who they are friends with and their family, and then it's just kind of like dominoes, the domino effect."

CRPS is a chronic condition that causes spasms of pain and has left Easton physically debilitated and unable to engage in many activities. He explained one of the most difficult parts about the condition, as to why treatment and diagnosis are so difficult.

"There's lots about CRPS we don't know, like, it can affect people very differently, like, it's not just all the same, like, people get affected differently.

You can donate socks by checking our their facebook and Instagram, "_socksforsmiles_".