On Sunday, July 14th, two competitors from Moose Jaw's Pony Club brought home first and second place medals in the Provincial Jumping Title.

Mya Viczko on "Escondito" AKA Elliot took first place, and Skye Mushens on "Don't steal my thunder" took second. No Moose Jaw members have competed at a provincial level for over twenty years, and the first year back in they cleared the competition.

"The Pony Club is an international organization, for kids in English riding equine sports," Explained Kim Reynolds, the District Commissioner of the Moose Jaw Pony Club. "Moose Jaw hadn't had a Pony Club for twenty years, and three years ago we started it back up again."

Reynolds went on to speak on how important it is for their Club, and for the girls.

"The two girls that went, they've been riding for a number of years, and they were able to go this year, and so when they competed at that, we had no expectation that they would be able to place, but it turned out that they did! It was sort of like breaking the seal after twenty years of not being able to represent at that level to go to the big show and actually do well."

The Club has been open for 3 years now after it's long absence and has over 15 active members.