It's been just over three weeks since Peepeekisis Cree Nation (PCN) completed its year-long process of purchasing the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa in downtown Moose Jaw. 

The sale was finalized back on Aug. 31, with PCN officially taking possession on Sept. 1. 

The Cree Nation used Morris Interactive in Saskatoon and Mississauga’s Morguard Corporation to help with the hotel's transaction, on PCN's behalf.  

Following the city’s historic hotel & spa transaction, PCN announced that Saskatoon’s Globex Management will take over the facility's day-to-day operations.  

Globex’s co-CEO Jaret Waddell says that they are going to approach Temple Gardens the same as their other locations, which is slow and steady.  

“We don’t want to try and turn things upside down,” says Waddell. “In the case of the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa, in particular, the team at the hotel has done an exceptional job with what they have had to work with. We’ll take our time to ask a lot of questions, get to know Moose Jaw and the hotel's guests, and have lots of conversations with the management team to understand why they do what they do.” 

Though Globex is taking its time to thoroughly understand the operations of the hotel, part of the deal was the commitment to an extensive renovation project to modernize and update the facility.  

“There are some infrastructure things that need to get done and a lot of work that needs to go on in the guest rooms that will begin over the next three months. There won’t be an area of the guest room whether it’s furniture, fixtures, equipment, the bathroom, there won’t be an area that’s not touched.” 

Waddell adds that the completion of the substantial renovation project will take the entirety of 2023, due to supply chain issues for specific products.  

“Whether that’s the floor covering, cased goods such as furniture, window coverings, and top of beds. Textiles and furniture are all struggling with supply chain issues.” 

Another area of the hotel that will stay intact will be the current staff, Waddell notes.  

“All of the staff remain, there is no intention for any change at all. I’m thrilled and excited to be able to conduct work with David Wood, the general manager, who has done an exceptional job with that team in that building. Thankfully like most hospitality operations in western Canada staffing is reasonably full.” 

Globex’s agreement with PCN didn’t happen overnight, as they were very patient and asked all the questions to understand their vision and plan for the facility and make sure it was going to be a right fit for them.  

Globex partnered with PCN due to two factors; one being compelled by their economic development plan for the hotel and then Globex wanting to assist in their vision. The second factor was Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa, an important facility in Saskatchewan.  

“When you look at that from an occupancy standpoint, you look at it from an economic spin-off stand-point from the municipality that it’s in. You look at the draw that it has from the region. When you look at prairies in Canada, I think one of the most important and coolest places is the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa, from rich history from the building itself dating back to the Harwood and the Temple Gardens Dance Hall.” 

He explains that they couldn’t pass up an opportunity with an already thriving business and magnify their success even more.  

Globex Management is a Saskatoon-based company that offers both hospitality and business solutions around Saskatchewan and has strong ties with many First Nation communities within the province.