Downtown Moose Jaw is about to get more accessible. City Hall had partnered with Sask Polytechnic students to do a study about how accessible local businesses were to people with disabilities. During that study, they found the StopGap Foundation whose purpose is to give ramps to businesses with just one step to the sidewalk.

Reg Forbes has been working with the students on the project, who are delivering 13 ramps around Moose Jaw Thursday morning. 

"I found it on YoutTube and it's a young guy like them, who was in a bike accident and became a quadriplegic and he moved to Toronto but found all of these stores that weren't accessible," explained Forbes. "So he started this foundation that builds these ramps and now there are over 1200 ramps built across Canada and these are the first ones in Saskatchewan.

The ramps are meant to be brought out when requested so the businesses that have the ramps, will have a sign in the window. Forbes says the students built the ramps and the materials are meant to be paid for through donations or fundraising efforts, something they're still working out.

"We hope to do some fundraising to pay for them but it's meant to encourage accessibility in businesses so we provide them at no cost."

Forbes is very proud of his students and is impressed with their enthusiasm, saying they're very engaged with this project and he hopes that sense of community is something they take with them after leaving the school.