The only requirement is their imagination and their willingness to play.

Free for anyone to attend, Moose Jaw's Playground Programs run all summer long throughout the city.

Between 10 and 30 kids use the program each week day, and there are parks all over town that kids can go to participate.

Two coordinators trying to escape being caught during their game of tag.Gracie Bzdel, a coordinator with the West End Park playground program, said it's about giving the kids choice.

"We get to participate in a bunch of different games and activities. We really emphasis giving the kids choices on what they want to do too. That helps motivate them and want to participate in other activities. So if they participate in one activity, they get to pick the next one. We go for a lot of walks, and field trips once a week. We're actually working on putting together a mini movie, and the kids are pretty excited for it. They have kind of come up with a plot line and everything."

If anyone wants to attend one of the park program locations, there is no requirement to register for the entire summer, anyone can just come and go. The only thing parents are encouraged to send with their kids are contact information, along with sunscreen, water and a hat.

11 year old Ali Broome attends West End Park each day, for 2 years now, and she said the week always has something to look forward to.
Ali Broome as the kids play 'everyone's it'.

"I think kids should know that we do certain categories each week. This week is jungle themed. Right now we are drawing scenes from the jungle."

Organizer Scott Osmachenko said they have 17 play leaders as well as a coordinator, ranging from high school students to university students.

"We start the recruitment back in April. We do what`s called a High 5 training, which is called Principles of Healthyhood Childhood Development. they go through that training. We have in services once a week. And they really just learn how to organize play. So it could be structured play, free play, imaginary play. We really just coordinate friendships, play, and participation."

Funding of the programs throughout the summer come from various avenues, said Osmanchenko, including fundraising by the playgrounds themselves.

"We do get funding from Saskatchewan lotteries to help us with this programming. It's part of our parks and recreation budget. And then for special outings they do fundraisers. They might have a car wash or a bake sale or something. A lemonade stand. And then if they get really creative they can fund raise however they want to. We always want to make sure it's free of charge for everybody. They aren't bringing money from their parents or anything like that."

Coming up on August 15th, they will be bringing all of the separate park programs together to Elgin Park for a big finale.

"It's our annual event", said Osmachenko. "Everyone is invited to participate. There's going to be fun, games, food, probably over 200 kids that day."

The program also utilizes Moose Jaw's buses, giving some kids their first experience riding on public transit. The grand finale will be from 11 am to 3 pm.

"Come for the rest of summer, there's still 6 weeks left of summer. And that's kind of the final event for the playgrounds", Osmachenko said.

West End, Elgin Park, Regal Heights by 7 11, Sunningdale, East End, Optimist and '96 Summer Games Parks all run the Playground Program throughout the summer, and there are games, crafts, activities, and even weekly field trips for all the kids who attend at each of the 7 locations.

Full details can be found here.