At the start of July, a few local boys with the YBC 5-pin Bowling club traveled to Ontario for the national championship after coming out on top in the provincials in March.  

The national championship was a three-day competition ending on July 12th.  

Brekken Hill and Hunter Anderson were on the YBC bantam doubles team and they competed together.    

According to their coach Ken Munro, Hill and Anderson did very well in their competition.  

“On the first day of the tournament they combined them with the girls' bantam team from each province with the boys, and in that round-robin tournament on the first day, we finished second and won a silver medal,” says Munro.  

From there, the tournament was broken down for the next 2 days to just the bantam boys teams.  

“We won enough games to qualify to make the playoffs which is called the step ladder. In our first step ladder game, unfortunately, we lost. If we would have won, we would have been in the medal round but that’s the way it goes,” says Munro.  

Munro adds that the boys were still very excited to go home with a silver medal.  

Another boy, 19-year-old Jackson Leroy from Moose Jaw, also went to the championships in Ontario to compete in the singles division.  

Leroy won the provincial singles competition back in early December in Regina where he not only took home the gold medal but also a $500 scholarship.  

In the national competition, Leroy didn’t come home with any medals but he did qualify for another $1000 scholarship by getting the highest total average in the first 19 games for the senior boys division.  

Leroy has been to 5 national championships and he says he faced some nail-biter games at the recent championship. 

“It was very strong competition that I had this year. This is the closest that I’ve ever been to a medal at nationals but I did have some strong competition out of Manitoba, Alberta, southern Ontario was very good competition, (and) Newfoundland was good competition.”  

Overall, Leroy said it was a great experience.