Stephanie Doney says she and her friend were "shocked" when they heard about Saturday's London Bridge terrorist attack.

Seven people, including one Canadian, were killed in the incident in which three men drove a van into a crowd of people and subsequently went on a stabbing rampage before the suspects themselves were killed by police.

Doney and Bernadette McCullough, both from Moose Jaw, arrived in London last Friday to begin a United Kingdom (U.K.) holiday. They left London on the morning of the attack, making their way to Harrogate, in northern England. 

We contacted Doney via Facebook and she shared their experience of learning about the attack and the subsequent reaction of UK citizens.

"We arrived in London the day before the attack and were out on the Westminster bridge around Parliament and Big Ben. There are literally thousands of people out and enjoying the evening," Doney said in describing their evening in England's capital city.

"We left London the morning of the attack.  We were shocked to hear about it. We had been out for the evening and didn't have the TV. We actually heard about it through people at home sending texts, emails, and Facebook messages asking if we were okay. It was 3:00 am (UK) time when we heard about it."

"Since we have been out of London since the attack we can only speak to the mood of people there before and those where we haven been since," she continued. "We were talking to a guard at Westminster Abbey about the Manchester attack and his attitude was very much that life must carry on as normal because unfortunately these are the times we are living in and if we live in terror the terrorists win.  That perspective was echoed by our tour guide and driver the next morning."

Just a few weeks ago, on May 22, a suicide bomber killed 23 at the Manchester Arena during a concert by pop star Ariana Grande.

"(Sunday) night we had a good visit with a local Scottish girl and she said that she is typically optimistic but these attacks have made her think twice and might even swing her vote in the upcoming  election."

There is a U.K. general election set for Thursday, with Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Party looking to be re-elected.

As for whether the attack will affect the rest of the Moose Javians' trip? 

"We are still going to do everything we have planned, but just try to be more aware of what's going on around us," wrote Doney. "We are planning to allow a bit more time for airport security heading home.  The security to board the flight to London was very strict."