Each year the Moffat Family makes it their mission to help children in our area. 

This year they're continuing that same work with the Moffat Family Fund that is distributed annually by the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation(SSCF). 

"The Moffat Family Fund and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation are valued partners within the communities especially for those with limited funding," explained Donna Ziegler, Executive Director for the SSCF. "The goal is to help people belong, help people live, work and play in an inclusive environment that helps them become prosperous and that really builds a vital community for all of us here in Saskatchewan."

All local agencies, non-profit groups, and qualified donees in the Friendly City can apply for funding to continue to better serve the youth and their families in our city. 

"The Moffat family really want to help create some tangible results to try and improve lives, and help children and families reach their potential. As Randy Moffat said they want to help people who have not had the same good fortune and opportunities that their family enjoys."

Two new exciting announcements were also made during the opening of the application process, those wishing to make a submission can now do it online as well as there's more support being offered this year than before. 

"Last year the Moffats were able to add to their fund and that addition, I think it was $50 million, extends out to the charities that they support. So the SSCF working with the Moffat family is able to disperse more money this year than last year."

The application process will close on February 28th. 

Click here to head to the SSCF website to learn more and to fill out an application.