The Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards were the recipient of a $45,000 Coop Community Grant from the Federated Co-operatives Limited.

Manager at the MJRWS Carmen Kaweski said they will be using the money to expand their education programs within Moose Jaw, specifically Prince Arthur to help work on their community garden project.

"You can do a lot of spinoffs from the community garden, we can talk about water contamination and storm drain health, recycling water to use in your garden, we can promote biodiversity and pollinators, we can talk about composting, changing climate and adaptation."

Kaweski goes on to say that they will also be able to build bat houses and teach about food security.

Some of the food grown in the garden will also help supply the school's food program.

"It's important to educate our younger generation. With city kids, they may not know exactly where their food is coming from. I think if you educate the children, they bring it to their parents and they educate the household."

The Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards have been involved with programs at local schools since 2006.

She goes on to say that the vice-principal at Prince Arthur is working with Peacock collegiate to have students in their construction program build a shed for the garden.

The Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards are also looking to expand their education program throughout Moose Jaw and are encouraging any schools who are interested to get in contact with them by calling 691-3399 or by emailing