Moose Jaw seems to have adopted the title of "lucky" city this week. 

VLT displaying the jackpot of over 1.2 million dollars

On the heels of a massive 50/50 jackpot at the Moose Jaw Warrior game, last weekend which saw a pair of season ticket holders claim over $191,000, another story of a big win made its rounds on social media.

Tuesday, A local restaurant began the process of paying out a VLT voucher for over 1.2 million dollars. Jon Lewis from Bugsy's Irish Pub recalled the moment where the customer asked to redeem the money on the ticket.

"The amount of numbers on the ticket didn't even register in my head. I had to look at it about three times to realize that's not twelve hundred dollars, that's not twelve thousand dollars, that's 1.2 million dollars. I'm still flabbergasted,  I can't even imagine what she (the winner) feels like."

 It's not every day someone wins a sizable amount of cash like this, Lewis described what the room felt like at the time he heard the news.

"There were only about three other people in the VLT's and two people up by the bar having breakfast, it was so surreal," Lewis explained. 

"She called her son... she didn't even smile until she said the words. Until the words actually came out of her mouth 'I just won over a million dollars' and that's when it hit her. Just a huge smile on her face came by. After that the shock was all gone, then it was sheer joy on her face." 

Lewis went on to say that this couldn't have happened to a nicer person, she lives in Moose Jaw and is a regular at the establishment. It'll be a moment he never forgets.

The winner's name will not be made public until the Western Canada Lottery Corporation releases more details. She will also need to go to Regina now to claim her ticket winnings.