Back on May 28th it became public that the Moose Jaw YMCA would be closing its doors in Moose Jaw. 

Since then uncertainty has filled the community as residents have waited to hear if someone was willing and able to fill those shoes. One Moose Jaw man has just been announced as the successful applicant to lease the space in the basement of the Moose Jaw Co-op and take over operations of the YMCA in that location. 

The Co-op shared information on social media on Thursday evening about the new tenant, saying that they look forward to seeing what he brings to the table and offers local residents. 

"The Moose Jaw Co-op is proud to report that Heath Drake was successful in his proposal to lease the space currently occupied by the YMCA. Heath has years of experience in the community operating a successful construction company (HD Drake Builders) and is a proud member of our community and your Co-op.

Heath plans to continue with the same level of service that YMCA Members are used to, plus a few improvements that he will share in the future. His goal is to have a seamless transition between the YMCA's departure and his take over of the lease. Heath is also a proud YMCA Member and does not want any members to lose this service in our community."

The post went on to say that the YMCA will finish out their agreement within the building on June 30th and as of July 1st Drake will take over. Co-op added a thanks to the YMCA for providing great service to the community for many years.