Each year the Canadian Blood Services(CBS) struggles to keep their supply at a comfortable limit, as many residents take their holidays during the summer months.

Now, the CBS is putting out a call to all past and future donors, hoping they'll take the time to roll up a sleeve and potentially save a life at their next local clinic.

O-negative and A-negative blood types are the most needed be the Canadian Blood Services currently as their supply has become quite low. (Photo courtesy of the Canadian Blood Services website)

"Summer's traditionally a difficult time for us to collect blood, people are away and busy with other activities, so there tend to be fewer donations in the summer," explaind Aaron Barlow, Territory Manager for the CBS. "Cancer patients, accident victims and people with blood disorders rely on blood donations every day."

Even though certain blood types have become quite depleted, they accepting all donors, especially those with a blood type that can be used on anyone. 

"We're always looking for people to come out to our blood clinics of course. We like to have three to five days on hand of blood. Currently, with certain types we have about two days, one of the types we always look for is the O-negative donor they are a universal blood type."

The criteria to be able to donate it constantly growing and adjusting, so Barlow suggests those wishing to come out to the clinic read over the CBS's ABCs of Eligibility first. 

"One of the recent changes was to women donating blood, the waiting period [before donating again] is about 84 days. New donors are critical to meeting our future blood needs, encourage your friends, your family or coworkers to come out and donate," said Barlow. "One in 2 Canadians will either need blood or know somebody who will need blood products at some point in their lives."

Moose Jaw's next clinic is Tuesday, July 31st at the Golden Nugget Centre in the Exhibition Grounds. Walk-ins will be accepted; however, they do ask that you make an appointment by calling 1-888-2-donate or by heading to their website.