More good samaritans in Moose Jaw came to help, and Barb Dodd wanted to share her gratitude to five men who saved her dog after it got stuck in a culvert on High Street West.

Dodd was walking her two dogs when her little Jack Russell saw a small critter and went back and forth to it. The critter went into a culvert and Dodd accidentally let the leash loose. Her dog went into the culvert and became stuck.

It was then that a man at Lynco Construction noticed Dodd was distraught in front of their building. After seeing the situation, the man went back inside and grabbed some tools and four of his co-workers.

"She wasn't going anywhere, she was totally stuck in there. I was so panicked and she was whimpering and whining and crying in there and there was no way she could turn around and get back out the other way," Dodd said. "These guys helped and lifted out the culvert with all their tools and saved her."

The men managed to pull out the dog and return it safely to Dodd, and she wanted to let them know how appreciative she is.

"I just want to thank them. They took their time and came over and helped me with it, I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't of helped me. They were great guys and I just really appreciate their help in saving my puppy."