Tracey MoodyIt's a stressful time for many, not just at home, but for those stuck around the world who are vacationing, working, or touring in different countries.

That's what Moose Jaw's Tracey Moody is dealing with as she tries to make her way back to Canada from India.

Moody left for India to attend a wedding when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and is now unsure how she will get home. She says she has a plan, but whether or not she will be able to go through with it is up in the air.

"I plan to take a flight on Thursday that goes [from New Dehli] to Heathrow [in London] and then to Toronto, but that all depends on if Heathrow stays open at this point."

She added that she contacted the Canadian Embassy and was told to get home immediately.

"I have looked at trying to book earlier flights but the cost is just kind of extravagant and for a lot of cases you have to actually have to go through multiple different airports, so I'm trying to limit travel as well at this point." 

For now, Moody says she is just waiting in the hotel to get word on when she can leave.

The Canadian Snowbirds Association, which is a group representing Canadians who travel out of the country for the winter, has encouraged all of their members to head home as soon as possible, as insurance options become increasingly limited.