Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, many community-based organizations and activities are seeing halved attendance, as well as the closure of many public gathering places.

Daniel McElroy is a local who attends St. Aidans Anglican Church here in town, he says things are a bit different lately.

"I would say attendance was just over half of what we usually get, I know that some diocese had sent out emails cautioning people that if they felt sick or unwell or even just uncomfortable with gathering that it would be best to stay home just out of love and respect to the rest of the congregation and for their own personal safety."

McElroy also mentioned that the church was implementing some precautionary measures.

"We're changing some of our practices, so we only received the wafer during communion yesterday and we didn't partake of the wine, we instructed everyone to wash their hands before entering the chapel. So just a few precautionary measures to make everyone who does come feel as comfortable as possible."

McElroy added that meeting together is very important for the church but that the congregation understands the risks involved at this time.