After releasing a very 'Canadian-centric' song over the summer which ended up amassing millions of views, local artist Clark W has decided his follow up should be a Canadian Christmas song.

Clark grew up in Saskatchewan and spent much of his life in Caronport, but now lives in BC.

His new song 'A Canadian Christmas' gives mention to all things Canadian that we see over the holidays, such as the World Juniors, Nanaimo bars, and curling, but he says there's one line in the song that sticks out to him.

"It's not a Canadian specific line, but I like the 'We'll keep out favourite movies on repeat' line, and I wanted to try and find a way to imply which movie I was talking about without getting into copyright trouble, so I made a choir do the Grinch song 'Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores'. That's my favourite part, and my kids like it too."

He says his 'Up Here in Canada' song, which was released earlier this year, became a hit by a bit of an accident. His mother was the one who actually posted the unfinished version of the song back in April. He says since then, it's blown up in popularity.

"It took off and I have no idea how to even keep track of it now, there are so many copies of the video online. I wouldn't be surprised if it has 50 to 100 million views, I can't even keep track. People seemed to like that so I thought I would make a Canadian Christmas song because there are a few things that make our Christmas's unique to being Canadian."

Clark talked about how tough it was to be a musician right now as well, being unable to perform any shows since March. He says a good way to support artists such as himself is either through Bandcamp or just by watching his YouTube videos and subscribing.