After Moose Jaw city council denied the Food Bank's request to waive landfill and permit fees for the renovation of their new home, residents and local businesses began to step up.

The Moose Jaw Food Bank announced the purchase of a new building on Monday

Program Development Manager with the Food Bank, Jason Moore, said it didn't take long to find help.

"By mid-morning the following day, I had a few calls from people offering to help. One of them was from Silver Star Salvage and Recycling who offered to pay the permit fees and Hazer Enterprises who offered to pay the dumping fees for us. Within a matter of a few hours, those fees were covered for us, and then some."

"I've only been here for a short time, and in my short time I have discovered that Moose Jaw is one of the most caring, giving communities that I have ever been a part of."

Moore went on to thank everyone who created and donated to the two GoFundMe's that were set up to support the Food Bank but wanted to remind residents as well that there is a more direct way to donate.

"There's an opportunity to donate right to us on our website. We are running a campaign now to raise $147,000 to help top off the amount we need for renovations. People can go directly on our website and donate online, or cheques can be mailed in as well."

The $147,000 is needed to help create a lobby in their new building, which they want to use as a dignified space to serve their customers.