Even in the small city of Moose Jaw, huge opportunities can find their way to local residents.  

Joseph Haleli came to Canada in 2013 and has lived in Moose Jaw ever since.  

While he was in high school, he found a passion for acting and participated in multiple school plays.  

However, he now owns a successful local business that runs out of Moose Jaw. It’s called Brilliant Cleaners Inc., a multi-service cleaning company. The company does building cleaning, carpet cleaning, landscaping, vacation house watching, and even dog walking.  

“You see, I found that for me, creating a business with multiple services is better than creating a business with just focusing on one thing. You know, many people are looking for so many things to be done,” says Haleli.  

Even with a thriving business, Haleli is also an actor for Edge Agency.  

Through his agency, he landed an opportunity to work as a body double in a new Disney series. A body double is used when the main actor can't be on set but their body needs to be in the scene. 

He says that this is the largest production he’s ever worked on.   

The job has taken him across Canada to Nova Scotia and even across the Atlantic Ocean to Iceland which he says was a great experience for him.  

“It was really amazing you know to be in Iceland. It’s not even somewhere I was thinking to visit,” says Haleli.  

He says that he’s back in Canada for a couple of weeks until the next shoot.  

Haleli also added that the best experience he’s had while working for Disney is the connections he’s made while working on the production.