The Newcomers Welcome Center welcomes international people to our city and helps them adjust to settling down here in Moose Jaw.

Not only does it aim to assist new residents but it also has a reach with people doing gig work in the area and international students studying at Polytechnic.

A lot of people who arrive in the city have never experienced a Canadian winter and don't realize how cold it gets.

This is where the Newcomers Welcome Center comes in. Based on donations, it gives out winter clothing and accessories to our new settlers. Most of the people asking for winter clothes right now are international students. However, lately, the center hasn't been receiving many donations.

"They're (international students) the ones that are quite like desperately I want to say, coming to see if we have any donations and I've been telling them to come back each time just because we haven't been getting much reception," says Brynn Stephanson, the Information Advisor at the center, "It seems that they are quite nervous actually about the winter."

It was forecasted that this winter in Saskatchewan will be harsher than usual.

Stephanson says that good-quality coats and jackets that keep people warm would be appreciated because some people don't understand how easily hypothermia can affect the body.

She also says that winter accessories will help, "I want to make sure that they have access to good coats and jackets and then, of course, boots as well, good quality boots that keep your toes warm too. Then also mittens, toques and scarfs. New socks would be also very beneficial as well."

People can drop off the clothing at the Newcomers Welcome Center's office at 423 Main St North. It's preferred for people to bring in donations, but people can call the office and have a volunteer go and pick up donations. Before dropping anything off or requesting to have it picked up, the center would like people to call the office at 306 692 6892 beforehand.