A Moosejavian was nominated for the Kubota Community Hero Contest and has now made the top 3 final contestants. 

Angela Sereda is well-deserving of the spot as she has a very large outreach within the community. 

She co-founded the Tru-Unity Girls leadership Program 6 years ago and it continuously inspires and teaches young women.

"Just to really show that leadership happens at any age and that is something they can strive for," says Sereda, "This program has really taken off. It develops their leadership skills. We really work to embrace their strengths and to really celebrate diversity with this group." 

She has also been working in Paramedicine for almost 30 years and she's the Chair of the Heartland Hospice In Moose Jaw. 

Not long ago, she established the ‘Community Paramedic Connected-Care Model’ which provides medical support, treatment, and resources for local people who are dealing with mental health illness and substance abuse disorder. She is also creating and teaching curriculum-based basic medical skills to elementary and high school students in the city and the surrounding area. 

Sereda says, "It's been a tremendous impact in the community. It's only been up and running for the last 6 months and already we've had probably over 400 patient contacts that we've been able to do in just 6 months. It's been a great program and one that was, I believe, one of the gaps that were in our community." 

Sereda says that she's honoured to be nominated for this contest and no matter the outcome, she's just happy to be helping the community.

"I always tell people, every day we have the ability to impact someone's life and it's up to us whether we want to do it. Whatever initiative, it's just about helping others," says Sereda.

If Sereda is voted to win, the first prize is $20,000 for a charity of her choosing and both the second and third prizes are $5,000, also to a charity of her choosing. Any prize money she wins will be going to a Moose Jaw charity.

People can still vote. Visit the Kubota website to cast a vote. Voting ends on Tuesday, November 16th. You can vote once every day until the last day.