According to the Public Agency of Canada, an estimated 880 children under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer and about 150 will lose their lives from the disease.  

Ecole St. Margaret school in Moose Jaw is raising money for this cause, through a Cuts for Cancer fundraiser. 

This year Grade 2 teacher Mme. Ethier and her husband have put their hair on the line for this great cause, but first, a couple of goals need to be met.  

“If we raise $400, we’re going to shave my husband's head in front of the kids at school and if we raise $500+, we’re going to shave his head and cut my hair,” says Mme. Ethier. “We’ll cut my hair just below my ears.” 

Some of the proceeds raised from the event will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wigs for Kids program in Toronto. Mme. Ethier says that the program builds wigs for children who are financially disadvantaged.  

The other part of the proceeds will help families and their children who are undergoing cancer treatment with travel and other unexpected expenses.  

For Mme. Ethier this isn’t her first time cutting her hair in support of cancer. She explains that it started a number of years ago after she had a student in her class diagnosed with bone cancer.  

“His family was going through lots and traveling a bunch to try and get this under control,” adds Mme. Ethier. “The first event that we had was bringing a Loonie to school. Our goal was to try and fill all the lines in the gym with the Loonies. I think we raised over $2,000. Some of that went to the [Canadian] Cancer Society and some went to that boy’s family.” 

Following that fundraiser, she was constantly asked when she was going to cut her hair next.  

“We did two cuts at the school and one cut at Crescent Park where we had kids from the school get their hair cut. We all circled that monument in Crescent Park and we had a hair stylist come and cut our hair.” 

After all, is said and done, this will Mme. Ethier’s fifth time cutting her hair in support of cancer.  

In preparation for this year’s Cuts for Cancer, she has grown her hair out for three years.  

She and her husband won’t be the only ones getting a partial haircut, as Mme. Ethier mentioned that they will have a couple of special guests getting a trim as well, including her mother.  

The dramatic haircut will take place inside the Ecole St. Margaret gym on Mar. 17 at 2:15 p.m.  

To be able to reach their goals, the school is asking for donations for the cause. All donations are due by Mar. 15.  

Those that are interested in making a donation for this year’s Cuts for Cancer can do so by contacting Edna Seida at 306-694-4044 to obtain a pledge form. 

The school will present a charitable tax receipt to those that make a single donation of over $25.