Everyone is seeing an increase in their grocery bills. Organizations like Hunger In Moose Jaw are also seeing an increase in children needing food due to the rise of inflation. 

Hunger In Moose Jaw is a non-profit, charity organization that supports children and their families through educational and nutritional programs. 

“We’re seeing a rise in our child nutrition program. We were receiving applications for children right up to the beginning of June which is unheard of,” says Sharla Sept, the Executive Director for Hunger in Moose Jaw. “Our numbers are higher than they’ve been in over the last 10 years at least and we’re attributing that to food costs and a greater need.”  

Not only are they seeing a greater need within the community for food programs, Sept says there have been difficulties around supply.  

“There of course has been an increase in cost but also there’s been a lack of availability for certain items. We’ve just had to pivot and do our lunches up a little bit differently but still following those nutritional guidelines. Also, just being mindful of what the costs are making sure we can get a well-rounded lunch out to our kids,” she says.  

Throughout the school year, the organization runs a lunch program that brings young students nutritional lunches every day. Now that school is over, They’ll be offering different services throughout the summer.  

“We partner with other organizations to provide lunches and snacks to different programs that are happening within the summer and that’s how we access our kids that we can provide for and support them that way,” says Sept, “We also this year will be offering some of our cooking class programs throughout the summer because we’ve seen a need in that. Kids are learning different skills and also families are learning to take the groceries that they have and try to extend those out a little bit longer so we’re providing programs to support that too.”  

For more information on Hunger In Moose Jaw’s summer programs, residents can visit their website.