It appears a warm front is moving into Saskatchewan just in time for Grey Cup Sunday.

Environment Canada is forecasting mild temperatures for much of the province beginning on Sunday, with a forecasted high of minus 2 in Regina on game day.

"It does look like a nicer day for Grey Cup on Sunday, which is kind of a miracle because we know that it can be really cold at this time of year, really windy and stuff," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang. "But it's actually looking like a nice day...temperatures actually approaching the freezing mark and very little in the way of winds."

"It doesn't look they (winds) will be too much of a factor hopefully. We'll see around game time...we'll see if there are any kind of winds that come up, because often with the warmer air we do get a little bit of wind with it, but so far so's looking not too gusty, but we'll keep an eye on it."

Lang said the timing couldn't have worked out better for football fans.

"We don't get that every year. Given that November's kind of been on the cold side, it actually is kind of a miracle that it is going to happen on that day when the Grey Cup is going to be," she said.

Lang said a low-pressure system to the north is causing the mild weather.

"What happens is the jet stream has a little bit of a wiggle in it, and when it wiggles to the north, that means we get on the warm side of the jet stream. When it goes farther to the south then we get on the colder side, which is what is going to be happening today," she said.

There is a similar pattern expected in Moose Jaw, with colder temperatures expected over the next couple of days before it warms up on Sunday with a forecasted high of minus 1, with the warmer temperatures expected to hang around.

"At least for a few days, so that'll be a nice change," Lang said.

Lang reminded people to be cautious on the roads when driving, as slick conditions can arise when the temperature hovers around the freezing mark.