Michaela Turner (MJ Co-op) and Terri Smith (MJ Food Bank) announce an anonymous donation of 1,000 bags.

Good Buy to Hunger has wrapped up for another holiday season.

The annual food drive started on November 21 and asked residents to buy 'Good-Buy to Hunger food bags' in support of the Moose Jaw and District Food Bank. Each bag costs $10 but there is close to $18 worth of groceries in each bag.

Marketing and Community Relations Manager with the Moose Jaw Coop, Michaela Turner, on how much food was raised.

"We are still working on rough estimate totals, but it's going to be about 1,300 bags. We just announced though that we are excited to say we've had an anonymous donor who bought another 1,000 bags (worth $10,000). That's going to take us way over our record total from last year, we're so happy to announce that."

Kevin Ingalls, local chair of the Locomotive Engineers Teamsters Division 510, presents a cheque to the Food Bank. The union, along with CPR, donated $4,500.

Turner goes on to say that each year this fundraiser has taken place, it's been a massive success, and that's thanks to the generosity of Moose Jaw.

"We really appreciate everybody that helped support us this year. Whether it's buying one bag or a thousand bags, we really appreciate every donation. The need is still there for the food bank, and we're very thankful for everyone stepping up and always coming through for the community. The Moose Jaw Coop is so proud to be a part of this campaign."

6 pallets worth of food has been transferred to the Food Bank so far. The rest will be delivered in the coming weeks, as the Food Bank has limited storage space.