On Wednesday afternoon local elementary and high schools, along with groups and businesses, who participated in the month long Global Warning initiative gathered at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery for the awards ceremony hosted by Beauti-fi Moose Jaw and the AXIS group. 

Members were challenged to pick up the most garbage in schools, parks, and streets during May and then use some of what they had collected as materials to create an art piece. 

"To be in an art exhibit which is showing (their intentions) and meaning, I think that it's important to see that," explained Ross Melanson, Curatorial Assistant and 1 of 4 adjudicators. "Organizations and businesses all working together for a common good for the community is a good thing."

The submitted art pieces are now on display in the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery for people to see.  Zach Owens, a Grade 12 student at Vanier, said they all had something in common. 

"I noticed that all the pieces had a similar theme about how if we don't clean up now it'll be too late, the effects could be irreversible. Whether it's sucking the life out of our own world or eventually we could be consumed by our own garbage," explained Owens. 

The student noted that his school annually picks up garbage and appreciated being recognized for that.

Tony Creech, a film director and adjudicator at the event, judged each piece on what lesson the creators were trying to teach the observer and what he walked away with. 

"One of the things I look for is the emotional impact it has on myself, what it triggers inside me, how it makes me feel and what it brings to my mind. One of the things all

the pieces do is, simply because you're taking trash off the street, and it's in a museum, is that it presents it in a new perspective."

The other two adjudicators were Phil Simms, the AXIS Youth Coordinator, and Mayor Fraser Tolmie.

A number of schools and groups like Joe's Place walked away with plaques and certificates, but Riverview Collegiate took the top prize trophy for the third year in a row for collecting the most garbage.

During the summer months, those planning to see the art pieces are also welcome to vote for the people's choice award by heading to the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery Facebook page or by casting a ballot that you can pick up from the gallery greeter.